The Mandela Project - Final Phase!
  Art Aids Art's collaboration with artist Robbie Conal -- the release of a special edition poster
  featuring Nelson Mandela -- has been a huge success. The initial phase launched in
  December received tremendous support and funded the first shipment of posters to
  Phase two is a crowdfunding project on the Indiegog website. With ten days to go, we have
  almost reached our goal and there is a new suite of limited edition premiums available
  (stickers, t-shirts and archival prints).
  share with at least one friend and help us complete one of the largest public art projects in
  South African history!

Mandela Is Popping Up Everywhere
If you live in the Los Angeles or San Francisco Bay areas, you might have seen a Mandela
  poster while driving. We've received messages from as far as New York, Havana (from
  excited South African students) and South Africa, as well.
March Update: The heART of a Woman
The heART of a Woman, a photography training project based at our center in Khayelitsha,
 has yielded new successes in 2014. Post cards are generating income for participants, who
  continue to hone their skills and generate new material. Participant Busi posted, "Since
  I worked with THOAW, my life has changed. Today I can make my own post cards and make
  a living...Thank you everybody who donated."
  Thank you, Andrea, for making this possible!

Wedding Drums at eKhaya eKasi

  In January, eKhaya eKasi Center was honored to host its first wedding ceremony. Hailey
  Greenwood, who participated in our 2011 Jungle Justice service learning trip, and Joe
  Vaccaro celebrated their nuptials -- accompanied by traditional song and dance -- with the
  help of eKhaya eKasi staff and the local community. Congratulations, Hailey and Joe!

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